What we can learn from the Fall of Borders Booksellers

So what COULD Borders have done to fend off Amazon?

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Want to save Millions and sell more product?

There's a major shift underway on the internet, it won't happen overnight, but an industry like the Electrical Wholesale Industry could benefit almost immediately from jumping on the bandwagon.

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Google Apps - The pendulum swings away from the Desktop 

Gmail has been around for a while now but if you are not a regular gmail user you probably haven't seen the depth and breadth of what Google's cloud offering can do. Somewhere in your company is a Network Administrator who takes support calls from desktop users regarding their Desktop email program. The support calls are typically frequent and expensive in the context of what the average Network Administrator is paid for the higher level functions they perform. This hidden cost of time away from other higher level activities, if measured, would add up quickly. In the electrical industry, keeping employees in front of customers, on the phone, writing up orders, purchasing, or managing inventory is what it's all about. When email gets in the way, all of these can be affected. Many companies pay their network staff a significant wage to make sure it doesn't happen. The converse of this is also true, network staff are paid a lot to fix it when it does happen.


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OpenDNS: A technology solution that simply makes sense.

Updated on July 3, 2012 by Registered CommenterTye Atwood

OpenDNSThis just simply makes sense. Web Surfing made a little bit safer.
Using a service like this can significantly speed up your network for all of your users as it eliminates the connections to the bandwidth hogging social network, video, and music sites and makes your network a little safer as well.

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Electrical Distribution and Technology

Electrical Distributors make a significant investment in inventory, buildings, vehicles, and personnel. They are often left with few resources to evaluate technology and its true impact to their bottom line. We'd like to offer a helpful blog experience that highlights, analyzes, or peels back the layers of existing or emerging technologies and their impact to a Distributor's bottom line.

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